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TWICE the Features at HALF What You'd Expect to Pay

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The SNX nVentor 510 TG CNC router has the best spec in the industry for the best value! Built by a machine tool builder with decades of experience backed by SNX's sales, parts and service, the SNX nVentor 510 TG is the best built, best supported machine available FROM ANYONE. If you need more X travel, the 512 TG version offers the same components with an extra couple feet of travel.


Check 'em off as you go, you won't get this from the "asterisk" router builders:

  • Table: Steel table with phenolic surface | High-flow matrix type | Size: 61” x 121” (510TG); 61" x 145" (512TG) | Part Location: 4 pins with sensors
  • Travels: “X” Axis: Full table coverage with all spindles | "Y” Axis: Full table coverage with all spindles | “Z” Axis: 8.27” | Rapid Traverse Rates: “X” and “Y” axis: 2400 ipm
  • HSD Main Spindle: Speed (Air Cooled): 24,000rpm | Power: 9kw (12HP) | Tooling: HSK 63F
  • Tool Changer: Capacity: 8 stations
  • Boring Block: 8 spindles: 5 in the X-axis, 4 in Y-axis
  • Drive System: Helical rack / digital servo drive
  • Automatic Lubrication, All Linear Bearing Trucks
  • Safety System: Light barrier
  • CNC Control: PC front end, Syntec Industrial

What You Get

Machine is shipped fully-assembled and complete with electrical panel, control unit, and vacuum pump.

Includes on-site installation and training by SNX personnel, free phone support, and one year limited warranty.

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