SNX nVentor 512A: a Pendulum Processing Beast

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The CNC That Just Keeps on Going

SNX router pendulum processing illustration
Bust up panels your way: either chew-up full sheets of material with nested base routines or go non-stop in the cut action with dual zone production. Large parts, small parts, it doesn't matter with an SNX 512A CNC router. You get more production flexibility with the same machine.

SNX gives it all to you in one package: 5x12-foot table; 12HP HSD HSK 63F spindle, vertical boring block; 8 pop-up part location pins with sensors; 8-station servo-driven tool changer; and a power vacuum pump. One price. Like to know more?

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What You Get

Machine is shipped fully-assembled and complete with electrical panel, control unit, and vacuum pump. (Some components such as outrigged tool changers will be assembled on-site by SNX.)

Includes on-site installation and training by SNX personnel, free phone support, and one year limited warranty.

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