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SNX offers woodworkers a wide range of products, systems, supplies and software. Make us your first stop for top brands and innovative products to help increase your shop's productivity while holding down costs.

And by the way, with our decades of wood industry relationships, if you don't find something here, call us and ask. Chances are good we can help direct you to the best source and right name to call. It's all part of the responsive SNX customer experience.

SNX Solution Partner Info
If you're looking to put an SNX nVentor CNC router in your facility, you'll need powerful programming software to bring out all the versatility and production efficiency of the machine. Alphacam router CAM software can take on even the most complicated part geometries you can throw at it and program our machine with accuracy and speed.

Ease-of-use is just one of the reasons that Alphacam is the industry standard and system of choice for programming CNC routers. Tooling and machining techniques unique to this industry are accommodated by Alphacam’s dedicated Router modules.

Alphacam’s ongoing program of development and enhancement ensures it not only keeps pace with the changing needs of users throughout the woodworking industry, but also delivers maximum return on your CAM investment.

Cabinet Vision has a full suite of unique solutions for woodworkers. CabinetVision products help enable any furniture, woodworking or kitchen cabinet manufacturer to fully automate and integrate their design through manufacturing processes, saving time, eliminating costly mistakes and increasing productivity.

Increase your productivity with Leitz innovation. Good tools are the starting point for successfully transforming ideas into reality. True in the past, true today and will be even more so in the future.

Ground-Breaking Heat Shrink Technology: The Leitz/Bilz ThermoGrip heat-shrink CNC tool-holding system offers unrivaled precision. The one-piece chuck design eliminates excess tool run-out common to collet and hydro tool-holding systems. Heat shrink technology allows for high-speed machining, while yielding optimized cut quality and significantly extended tool life. Reasonably priced, ThermoGrip chucks offer a lifetime of service, and exceptional return on investment.

Nordfab's ducting systems clamp together. No rivets, screws or welding. This cuts your installation and down time by more than 45%, and it's adaptable to your existing ductwork. Nordfab ducting has been used for dust collection in woodshops around the world for more than 40 years. Because Nordfab’s Quick-Fit™ duct is well-constructed, modular, and easy to put together or take apart, and because it is re-useable, it has become a standard for ducting in the woodworking industry. And Nordfab is ISO 9001 certified so you are guaranteed to always get the same high product quality.

REHAU provides polymer-based solutions for construction, automotive and industry…from furniture to appliances to aircraft. REHAU is one of the top innovators in edging solutions for the woodworking industry. Their edgebanding line includes a broad spectrum of patterns and solid colors matching the collections of laminate and melamine manufacturers, as well as many original REHAU designs. T-molding, lightweight panel technology and sealing profiles complete their edging line while their tambour door systems range from solid colors to wood patterns to cool aluminum for steel or wood cabinets.
Stop expensive air leaks in your shop Pushing air through leaky, worn couplers can cost you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! It's true. If your shop leaks air - even small amounts (and what one doesn't?) - you're wasting energy and money. If you have 10 couplers or plugs each with a small audible leak (about the equivalent of a 1/32" pinhole), you could be losing over $4,000 per year from your shop's annual bottom line! Think of all the air connections in your shop (handtools, CNC equipment, sprayers, etc.); it's a lot, right? How do you stop expensive waste fast and reliably? Start using Prevost piping systems, air couplers and plugs today.

Eliminate dangerous air line hose whip - forever. The Prevost Prevo S1 line of safety couplers for wood shop air systems offers simple one hand push-button operation over the outdated two-hand push-pull couplers you have now. Use one hand to hold a sander or nailer, the other to release the plug. Prevo S1 safety couplers are ENGINEERED for safer, easier operation in your shop. The unique action of the Prevost S1 ergonomic couplers is surer and faster to use, while the internal design eliminates hose-whip by first venting line pressure, and then releasing the plug!

Switch to Prevost safety couplers NOW. Check out the other features. Yes, an air coupler can have features if they're intended to outperform and outlast what's available. That's the Prevost difference.

For over 50 years, Putsch® Group has been a world leader in panel processing. They offer the most complete line of vertical panel saws in the industry, as well as the feature-rich Vantage 95 horizontal beam saw, and the space-saving Alucenter vertical CNC work center. They don’t outsource or private-label, which means every machine is built in-house and receives dedicated support by knowledgeable Putsch®personnel.

Putsch® offers machinery than can cut, groove or channel almost any type of flat material including wood-based, solid-surface, plastic, aluminum composite, high pressure laminates (HPL), thick and multi-laminate glass and marble slabs.
Putsch® SVP Series Vertical Saws

Vertical wood panel saw Vertical panel saws are a much safer, precise and space-saving alternative to sliding table saws. Every Putsch® SVP Series vertical panel saw starts with the robust strength of our fully-welded steel frame to offer world-class precision and durability. From the ultra-compact design of the SVP 133 Space Saver to the computerized, automated control of the SVP 980 A/T, our portfolio offers a vertical panel saw for every budget and application.

Vortex Tool Company, Inc. is an American family owned and operated Wisconsin-based company. Over the past two decades, Vortex Tool Company has built a reputation as an innovator, manufacturing high performance router and insert cutting tools for the woodworking and plastics industries.

ALL of their solid carbide tools are manufactured in Schofield, Wisconsin at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using the finest materials from around the world. Vortex produces tools with cutting edges in various grades of carbide, stellite, high-speed steel and polycrystalline diamond, and provides custom tool design, retipping and sharpening services.