US-Made XCEL-EDGE Chemicals



Works in Your Edgebander's Chemical Spraying System:

Casadei | Biesse | Brandt | Cehisa | Felder | Fravol | Griggio | Holz-Her | Homag | IMA | Polymac | SCMi | Stefani | VantEdge | AND OTHERS!


Wide Variety of Container Sizes Available


Specially-Formulated Chemicals for Edgebanding

Stop using gallons of generic household cleaners that don’t work or applying highly volatile chemicals used in other industries - risking permanent damage to your part’s finish.


There is a better way.


Use advanced chemistry with XCEL-EDGE chemicals on all your surfaces. XCEL-EDGE edgebanding chemicals are MADE IN THE USA from the highest-quality ingredients. XCEL-EDGE products are designed to answer almost any laminated panel edgebanding need.


Using Chemicals that Came With your Bander? STOP!

You're spending too much. XCEL-EDGE is made in the USA. The cleaners and glue separators you're using probably have endured an ocean voyage - costs that you're paying for.


Take a look at the chemicals further down this page that you can buy online at our store. Show the prices to your purchasing agent, they'll tell you we can be up to 1/2 less in cost!





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