Superior Edgebanding Chemicals

XCEL-EDGE - Made in the USA!

Stop using gallons of generic household cleaners that don’t work or applying highly volatile chemicals used in other industries - risking permanent damage to your part’s finish. There is a better way. Use advanced chemistry with NEW XCEL-EDGE chemicals on all your surfaces. XCEL-EDGE edgebanding chemicals are MADE IN THE USA from the highest-quality ingredients. The three XCEL-EDGE products are designed to answer almost any laminated panel edgebanding need.
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XL Three sizes
Whether you need 1-liter bottles for spot spraying or wiping use, 5 gallon containers (18.9L), or even 55-gallon (208L) drums for high volume production, SNX Technologies is now your best source for fast deliveries on all XCEL-EDGE chemicals.

We have tested the products in our own technical center and are convinced there are no other products available that can offer such unmatched performance.

If you do edgebanding in your shop, you owe it to yourself to try a bottle and see what advanced chemical formulation can do to improve your processes and finish the look of your parts.

Why not try a bottle in your shop; see for yourself how XCEL-EGDE edgeband chemicals can help you deliver finished banded parts with superior quality.