SNX nVentor Woodworking CNC Routers


Large photo of SNX 512A CNC router

True Industrial-Grade CNCs: More Iron for Better Cuts, More Features for Better Value.

Nested base, vacuum pod, or pendulum processing; now any shop can have heavy-duty, precision 3-axis industrial CNC router production performance at an amazing value!

SNX Technologies is proud to offer our new nVentor series of CNC routers. They're feature-packed machines backed by decades of woodworking machine tool engineering and manufacturing experience by one of the leading global CNC builders, now available in North America in partnership with SNX.

CNC Routers Built for Your Market, Your Shop

With over 20-years of CNC woodworking experience, SNX knows what exact technology you can use best to boost your bottom line and how you move material through your shop. We spec'd the nVentor series to answer for YOUR specific kinds of production challenges, and your local customer's needs.

Take a look at the new nVentor CNC routers now and then give us a call. We'll give you the complete story on how and why an nVentor is your best choice for higher productivity, better performance and more versatility.


Beware of Asterisks*: COMPARE WITH SNX!

SNX was first to offer a complete $69,900 large table CNC with our nVentor 510TG; now it seems there are other similarly priced machines everywhere. That's good for your investment dollar. But if it hadn't been for SNX, you'd still be paying too much for a router from those folks. IT'S TRUE!

*You've seen other builders offered at the same price. But look for the ASTERISK in their ad, on their website. It's in there somewhere. Make sure what you see is what you'll get.

Don't settle for an odd-sized table or a missing boring block, or any magical added charges; go with SNX. You'll get a complete machine that's fast to run, simple to operate, and easy to own.

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