SNX nVision Contour Bander Part Samples

Best selling contour edgebanders


nVision Photo Gallery

Click on the first image below to open the gallery presentation. SNX has many more examples created from real customer panels. We also often cut and band panels made on our own SNX nVentor CNC router and banded with SNX-branded orange Rehau flexible tape.


YouTube Videos

SNX has many full demonstration videos to view. Here's one example. To view the rest, please click here to go to the SNX Channel.

Large or Small - Long or Heavy . . .

An SNX nVision deliver tighter outside and inside bands AUTOMATICALLY! Small parts, large parts; open or closed bands - the nVision won't limit your creativity or production capabilities. LET US SHOW YOU.

Our minimum inside radius is comfortably 3" (75mm); our outside minimum radius can be as small as the diameter of a dime. Now, all that depends on the type/brand of flexible tape you use and what the overall part's geometry looks like. But if you've got some challenging shapes to band, take a look at some samples of what we've done for other professionals and then give us a call.

Better yet, we'd like an opportunity to band and trim your parts on our machine at SNX. ASK TO DEMO YOUR PARTS TODAY. Let us show you how the nVision can solve your production and throughput challenges with ease.