SNX nVentor 408TG: So Fast, You'll Swear it Has a Hemi Engine

New nVentor 408 TG CNC Router

Proof Someone Stills Builds Beefy CNCs Like They Used to

The NEW SNX 408 TG nVentor CNC router is a true-blue, extra-beefy INDUSTRIAL machine. It has the extra mass needed for superior vibration-dampening. With its oversized drive motors and upgraded contour linear guideways, the 408 will make shaped parts without wiggly  toolpath jaggies or unsightly gaps when edgebanded. The machine uses the same tough components as with its bigger brothers in the nVentor line.

Your 408 TG will whap-out parts from your panels all day long without the least strain. Compare this machine to those "hobbyist" type machines with all their engineering compromises.

See the new SNX 408 TG at the AWFS show in Vegas this July. Slap a nickel coin on the end of the guideway and watch it stay in place while we rapid traverse the toolplate around over the table. Come return with us once again the days of the dependable heavy metal CNC. It'll rev your engine.

What's Included:

Machine is shipped fully-assembled and complete.
  • Full 4x8 worktable
  • TWO vacuum ZONES on the table
  • 12HP, 24,000 RPM ISO 30 spindle
  • 6-position automatic tool changer
  • 6-spindle vertical boring block
  • Three 1-inch high-tensile steel location pins w/sensors
  • High-flow matrix vacuum table
  • Digital servo motors on all axes
  • Automatic tool presetting station with 4" dia. platen
  • 1,600+ IPM rapid traverse rates
  • Full spindle coverage over table
  • Windows-based PC front end control unit
  • Handwheel MPG
  • Bar code reader and software
  • 10HP vacuum pump w/initial connection pipe
Also included: on-site installation and training by SNX personnel, free phone support, one year limited warranty.

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Shop Layout

408 TG Shop Layout
SNX nVentor 408TG SIde View

nVentor 408 TG Photo Gallery

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