SNX nVentors: More of What You Need in Industrial CNC Routers



nVentor 408TG TableAll nVentor frames are constructed of heavy wall, structural steel tubing. Frames have been designed to provide a rigid and stable machining platform. Frame components are stress relieved prior to machining on a precision Vertical Machining Center in one set-up to insure parallelism and perpendicularity of the final structure.


SNX - nVentor 510TG CNC Router Main Spindle 3-2014
  • 12HP HSD HSK 63F main spindle, Cartridge type
  • Programmable RPM’s throughout range
  • Air blast nozzles for better dust collection
  • Automatic tool touch off probe


IMG_8630Machines can be equipped with a multi-spindle boring block. The number and orientation of the spindles depends on the machine configuration.
  • 32mm centers
  • 3,600RPM max spindle rotation
  • 2 HP spindle


IMG_3163The machine features an industry leading Syntec control. The control marries all the productivity features to the rugged reliability of a CNC control to a PC front-end. The corded, handheld MPG allows unique operator ability to move the machine through a program line-by-line (forward and reverse)



Axis Servo Motor and Linear Bearings nVentor Rack And Pinion Drive

The machine is configured with a traveling gantry, stationary table design.
  • X-axis (gantry) motion is accomplished via precision helical rack and pinion located in the base of the frame. The pinion is driven by two synchronized digital servo motors.
  • Y-axis (carriage) motion is accomplished via precision helical rack and pinion located in the base of the frame. The pinion is driven by a digital servo motor.
  • Z-axis motion are accomplished via pre-loaded precision ball screws and powered by a digital servo motor.
  • The Z-axis plate is supported by three contour linear guideways. The pneumatic counterbalance system is “closed loop” to minimize air use during operation.
Each axis is mounted on precision ground contour linear guideways with pre-loaded precision bearing trucks. Travel positioning is maintained via the controller reading absolute encoders mounted on each over-sized servo motor.


nVentor 512A Pop-Up Location PinsThe work surface is a precision-machined phenolic high flow vacuum table mounted to a cast iron steel plate. The surface is machined in a grid pattern to present a modular work area for easy set-up. The modular design also facilitates quick changeover for a variety of material sizes.

Four (4) 1-inch diameter machined steel part location pins are included as a standard feature with every machine. The pins are located in a fixed position at 4”, 4”, 20” and 70”. Each pin has a sensor to ensure the pins are down when the machine is in operation.


nVentor 510 Tool Presetter rotary tool changer

Each machine is supplied with a tool change system, either stationary "wine rack" or servo motor-controlled rotary type.

  • HSK 63F style tool holders
  • Aluminum grippers
  • (4) four tool holders are included
  • (4) four collets are included
  • 4” diameter tool touch-off probe accepts larger cutters such as spoil board fly cutters


Roots Blower Vacuum PumpMachines are supplied with at least one high flow vacuum pump. The pumps are designed for fast draw-down to an ultimate vacuum of 230CFM for fast cycle times and excellent hold down. All fittings and hoses necessary for the connection of the pump to the machine manifold are supplied as part of the vacuum system package.


IMG_8598_copyAll positioning bearings, ball screws and racks are serviced by an automatic lubrication system, activated directly by the machine control. This ensures the rack and pinion, ball screw and linear guideways are being lubricated to the manufacturer’s specifications.


IMG_2424As a standard safety feature, the safety arm is designed to prevent the operator from entering the machine work zone during machine operation. The safety arms utilize a photo eye that is designed to put the machine into a feed hold if an obstacle is encountered during machine operation.


Machine Installation & CNC Control Operation Training - INCLUDED

Installation of your nVentor is done by a Factory Trained and Certified Technician. A pre-installation checklist will be provided to help you get ready for your machine's setup. Once the machine has been positioned on the floor in your shop, the technician will level the machine, perform power-up and conduct a complete pre-production test routine.

After the installation and testing, the technician will provide up to three (3) days of free on-site, at-machine process implementation assistance, to include daily maintenance instruction and machining of sample parts using tooling and part programs provided by you.

Travel and living expenses of technician are included with machine purchase.

Customer Service & Support - INCLUDED

A CNC control operator’s manual and a SNX operation and maintenance manual are supplied in CD-ROM format. Electrical Schematics are provided in hard copy format.

Also included with each machine is our free telephone technical support from SNX Technologies. As part of this support system, you will be able to contact SNX Technologies for technical, software and applications support issues.

Machine Limited Warranty

Each machine includes a standard one (1) year parts and one (1) year labor warranty. See Terms and Conditions on your official SNX pricing quote form for full information.