SNX nVentor CNC Rourter Sample Machine Customer List

They Bought us for Our Iron, Not for Our Slick Ads

Word is getting 'round about SNX nVentor CNC routers. Word is getting out FAST. Many of the most prestigious woodworking firms in North America are switching over to using SNX nVentor CNC routers in their shops. We are deeply honored and thankful for their trust in our team; in its innovative products and fanatical dedication to their service.

SNX nVentors compete in a crowded marketplace of CNCs. So why did our customers choose us over all those other machines? Our spec. We don't build what we would like to build. We design and manufacture the nVentor series from direct input from shops who use CNCs. I know, crazy, right? That's why we have a beefy, vibration-absorbing frame, that's why we added some features to the control unit that makes operators more efficient and more confident to push the Cycle Start button. And the list goes on.

Every CNC looks great when it's in a glossy publication ad. But the proof is in the doing. Let us show you what an nVentor can do for you. Have us do a demo for you on YOUR parts and YOUR drawings. Send us an email now, and we'll set up a demo just for you. FREE.

What are all the other reasons our customers went with SNX? What is it that they know that you don't?

Find Out Now