SNX nVision Contour Bander Features

Consistently Tighter Butt Joints Around More Shapes, Smaller Radiuses!

The SNX nVision SYSTEM1 G3 and SYSTEM2 G3 series offers woodworkers truly amazing edgebanding versatility with simple operation and a minimal shop footprint. With our machine, you can band and trim edges on both very large or very small straight or shaped parts with minimal setup.



Unit powered by quiet ARMORDRIVE Kevlar serpentine belt system. Can band tapes up to 60mm tall. Do .5 to 3mm width tapes easily. Unique design helps you make incredibly small band radiuses - inside and out. The nVision banding station is unmatched in the industry for consistent throughput.


The articulated vacuum arm can support large (97" diameter) or heavy (up to 230lbs) parts. Optional pods are available for special needs (long and narrow parts, irregular shapes, interrupted band paths, etc.)


(NEW DIGITAL READOUT>> TYPE NOW AVAILABLE!) Plenty of innovative and patent-pending technologies makes trimming fast and easy. TRIMSET copy shoe system lets you quickly adjust to new tape sizes. Almost infinite top & bottom adjustment available to make a perfect trim without gouging. Servo motor drives used for precise spindle speeds.


Electrical cabinet is UL-approved. Touch-screen PLC control unit allows automatic or manual banding routines. Make micro-adjustments for the tightest butt joints. Control has a "recipe" file storage ability; store and call-up common part parameters.


More Innovative Contour Banding Engineering

Fabricated for Stability

The SNX nVision weighs a half-ton (or more) when complete. That's heavy enough to provide vibration-free performance, yet light enough to position in your shop with a pallet jack. The frame is all welded channel steel, not lightweight sheet metal. With its square frame orientation, the machine offers exceptional stability for safer operation; an nVision can support parts on the vacuum arm up to 230lbs!

RAPIDSET Rotary Turret

The Rapidset trim station copy shoe automatically adjusts the knives for panel thickness. 1, 2, and 3mm pre‐sets can be quickly changed out for different tapes.

TRIAX Laser System

Our patent-pending 3-axis geometry-sensing system enables an nVision to know exactly when to cut a mitred butt joint. A laser follows the part shape, regardless of size. The laser beam senses the tape’s panel overhang and signals the mitred guillotine cut. The TRIAX system moves in three directions (axes) and can handle large or heavy parts – even sagging ones – to provide accurate tape location sensing.


The ARMORDRIVE whisper-quiet drive system is a Kevlar belt for smooth and long‐life operation. The lower belt drive system means literally no maintenance and labor versus traditional chain and sprocket drive systems.

MITRELOK Tape Guillotine

A patented heavy‐duty knife for consistent angled cutting of the banding tape. This allows for tape overlap that thus provides a nearly invisible seam. The quality of the end joint is where edgebanders are judged. With the thin blade guillotine, the nVision is capable of producing final butt joints better than more expensive CNCs can achieve.

The Other Features:

  • Heavy‐duty, tip-free 4‐post frame construction provides a more stable base and allows the machine to process parts up to 230lbs.
  • A large work envelope: 97+ inches depending on part shape ‐greater than any other machine on the market.
  • Adjustable top pressure wheel gives the operator the ability to achieve equal pressure from the top and bottom, thus making sure the panel being edgebanded stays level and in complete contact with the tape roller
  • Independent dust collection manifolds on the trimming station. Allows for lower CFM dust collectors with better chip extraction.
  • UL-Certified control panel of the machine allows easier maintenace and service by electrical contractors
  • Touch Screen Controller has easy to understand symbols to accommodate less skilled or non-English operators.