nVision SYSTEM1 G3 STS Option: Automate Edgeband Trimming Setups!

SNX nVision SYSTEM1 G3 Servo Machine

Fast, Easy, No-Fuss Trim Station Setup With Our TRIMSET PLC Servo Control

The SNX nVision SYSTEM1 G3 STS option contour edgebander offers unprecedented control over your top and bottom tape trimming operations. If you change banding and panel thicknesses often; this machine can save you time and money on setup. Gone is the guesswork, the time-consuming testing or consulting on cutter setup on trimming.

How Does it Work? SIMPLY.

The nVision STS option comes with TWO PLC computers, one for the banding station and the other is dedicated to trimming. We call that one the TRIMSET-PLC.The trim station's TRIMSET-PLC is pre-configured to produce smooth top and bottom trims. You can pretty much just start the cutters and begin trimming with the machine right away. When you change panels or tape thicknesses, you only need to enter those numbers into the PLC and let it do the work of repositioning the cutters. Your operators will spend more time trimming than finessing the multiple axes of possible cutter positions. More time in cut equals higher productivity which means better control over expenses.

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What You Get

Machine with banding station, servo trimming station with one set of cutting tools, edgeband coil stand, and standard-size vacuum pod for articulated arm.

Includes on-site installation and training, free phone support, operation manual, and one year limited warranty.

Machine Layout

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