nVision SYSTEM1 G3 TSX Option: Hit Tight Butt Joints All Day Long

Photo of SNX nVision SYSTEM1 G3 TSX bander

The Machine for Those Who Already Own an Edgeband Trimmer

For shops where top and bottom trimming is either done by hand or made at another machine, the SNX nVision SYSTEM1 G3 TSX option offers the same core banding station componentry as all our other banders, but without the added expense of the trimming station.

You'll still get tight, tight closed banded parts with our patent-pending Triax 3-axis laser system, plus all our other unique banding features in an SNX nVision. And if in the future you decide to add the trimming station back onto your machine, the TSX's wiring harness and frame are ready to accept a straight-forward install of the trimmer.

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What You Get

Machine with banding station, edgeband coil stand, and standard-size vacuum pod for articulated arm.

Includes on-site installation and training, free phone support, operation manual, and one year limited warranty.

Machine Layout

Shop layout drawing image of the SNX nVision SYSTEM1 TSX

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