SNX nVision Machine Options

Fit Your Machine to Your Production

We've designed the nVision series of contour banders to accept a wide range of replacement or add-on options direct from the factory. Whether you need a vacuum pod to hold larger or odd-shaped parts, or a table to help band small parts, look to SNX first for a perfect fit and superior construction.

Retractable Banding & Trimming Tables 

(UPDATED PRODUCT! 10-2017 SEE VIDEO>>) Sold separately. Great for very small part handling without using the articulated vacuum arm. The tables are made of high-grade phenolic (the same material as the vacuum pods) for durable performance. The banding table may be raised or lowered, depending on part thickness. The trimming table may be swung back and out of the way of the vacuum arm. When locked in front of the trimmers, the table retracts with the trimming station for large parts.

3 Kg Capacity Glue Pot

Need more glue capacity for your part production? SNX's contour edgebander can now be fitted with a larger 3kg glue pot that offers three times greater glue capacity than the standard pot. A 1000 watt, six-inch ring heater provides rapid melting and temperature control with the glue. The new glue pot is designed for consistent circulation of the melted glue to the auger. The pot is coated with Teflon for easier glue clean-up and pellet type changeover.

Vacuum Pod Sizes

SNX offers a variety of standard and custom phenolic vacuum pods to match your production needs. From small circles to elaborate contour shaped pods, we can get you the exact pod you need to hold any part securely to the machine.