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Specially-Formulated Chemicals for Edgebanding

Stop using gallons of generic household cleaners that don’t work or applying highly volatile chemicals used in other industries - risking permanent damage to your part’s finish.

There is a better way.

Use advanced chemistry with XCEL-EDGE chemicals on all your surfaces. XCEL-EDGE edgebanding chemicals are MADE IN THE USA from the highest-quality ingredients. XCEL-EDGE products are designed to answer almost any laminated panel edgebanding need.

Using Chemicals that Came With your Bander? STOP!

You're spending too much. XCEL-EDGE is made in the USA. The cleaners and glue separators you're using probably have endured an ocean voyage - costs that you're paying for.

EXCEL-EDGE Testimonial

Works in Your Edgebander's Chemical Spraying System

  • Casadei
  • Biesse
  • Brandt
  • Cehisa
  • Felder
  • Fravol
  • Griggio
  • Holz-Her
  • Homag
  • IMA
  • Polymac
  • SCMi
  • Stefani
  • VantEdge

Wide Variety of Container Sizes Available


Available in 1 liter, 2 liter, 5 gallons, 55 gallons, and wipes.

XCEL-EDGE SDS Information

Buy XCEL-EDGE Products Online