Xcel-Edge Glue

Edgebanding Glue

Xcel-Edge XE190-220 (natural color)

Xcel-Edge XE195-220c (clear) 

Stronger | Stickier | Stretchier

For use with straight-line and contour edgebanders

SNX has developed a high-performance EVA Hotmelt glue with a "rubber-type" substance for straight-line and contour banders.

What are the advantages of Xcel-Edge XE190-220 and XE195-220c?

  • Can run up to 220 degrees Celsius
    • Glue applied to banding - you'll gain flexibility in your banding.
    • Glue applied to board - hotter boards, better adhesion. 
  • Has a longer "open-time."
    • Increases penetration and ability to bond to substrates.
  • It has a "rubber-type" substance added.
    • Maintains adhesion as boards expand and contract
  • It comes in a resealable 5-gallon bucket
    • NO BAGS…!!!
    • NO MESS...!!!

What does this mean?  LESS DELAMINATION

    Available in a 5 gallon pail, 44lbs bag, or 2lb sample

    Buy Xcel-Edge XE190-220 Glue (natural color)
    Buy Xcel-Edge XE195-220c Glue (clear)
      Download the Xcel-Edge XE190-220 Flyer (PDF)