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We Manufacture in the USA!

SNX Building

In 2009 we started our journey by introducing woodworkers to innovative technologies that would expand and grow their businesses.  Dealing with multiple overseas vendors, and the competitive and vulnerable environment of the "new" market, we needed to refocus our goals and objectives.

New Focus:

Dropping our overseas import interests, we now develop and manufacture our SNX nVision contour banders in-house at our Sauk Rapids, Minnesota facility.  With full control of our destiny, we're continuing to advance our machines with new features and to expand into new markets.

Excel-Edge was formed when we partnered with a local chemist to develop a line of chemicals for the straight-line edge banders, for cleaning surfaces and cleaning machines.  Xcel-Edge has become one of the #1 selling chemicals in America and continues to grow market share.

Sauk Rapids, MN has a rich history of precision machine tool designing and manufacturing. You can be assured that your machine is built by people who know wood machines and are committed to long-term, superior construction, and operation. Your SNX nVision curved edgebander is made to last!

Meet Our Team


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