SNX nVision G1 Contour Bander

Contour Banding Made Simple

 Designed & Built for The Tightest Butt Joint & Radiuses

The SNX nVision G1 (rebranded SNX nVision System1 G3) semiautomatic contour edgebander makes banding shaped parts easy. With an nVision, you will enjoy the tightest butt joints and inside/outside radii in the industry!

An nVision can band work surfaces up to 5' x 10' weighing up to 230lbs. You will be able to band .5" - 2.25" thick boards with .5mm - 3mm tape.

Forget underpowered manual stations or the expense and continuous training of a CNC contour edgebander. The nVision is easy to operate, easy to set up, and easy to own.

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What's new?

All new controller:

  • Faster processor and a more accurate encoder for more consistent tight butt joints
  • 15” touchscreen monitor
  • Training & Maintenance videos on PC
  • Connect to the internet for service and updates
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Bar code capable (optional)

 Standard mechanical features and updates:

  • Tape height guide
  • Aluminum infeed guides
  • Solid shoe holder
  • Adjustable pod height spindle
  • Digital readouts
  • Laser upgrade
  • Pneumatic enclosure

What You Get

Machine with banding station, trimming station with one set of cutting tools, two articulated vacuum arms, edgeband coil stand, and two standard-size vacuum pod for banding station articulated arm.

Includes on-site installation and training, free phone support, operation manual, and one year limited warranty.

Machine Layout

SNX nVision Machine Layout

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