SNX nVision Contour Edgebander

Made in the USA

North America's #1 Semiautomatic Contour Edgebanding Machine!

The SNX nVision series of EVA hot melt contour edgebanders offers any woodworking shop an easy, affordable, and versatile shaped part edgebanding solution with a minimal footprint. Stop outsourcing your contour banding, do it all in-house with a semiautomatic nVision bander. Modern designers are clamoring to use more and more complex shaped parts in their projects and the nVision allows you to respond with a faster, more cost-effective way of banding than is possible with traditional, inconsistent manual banders.

NEW! nVision Contour Bander Generation 3 Machines!

The new third generation of nVision contour edgebanders offers the same rugged construction and reliable performance that made our machines so popular in the wood industry. Now, we've included some exciting new features to make contour edgebanding even more productive.

nVision SYSTEM1 & 2 Generation Three (G3) Features:

  • Quick-change glue pot system | Allows you to remove a glue pot and exchange it for a new one with different adhesive with a simple clamping arrangement - allows you to go from pot to pot in only a few minutes!
  • PLC controller enhancements | We listened to our customers and have gone through the PLC to make multiple changes for faster setup and production settings, including on-the-fly selection of units of measure
  • Trimmer chip vortex extraction efficiency | We've modified the shrouds that connect to chip extraction system to provide much higher efficiency in removing banding trim waste

The US-Made Original: nVision SYSTEM1 G3

nVision System1

TOP FEATURE: Original US-Made Semiautomatic Contour Bander: Includes Banding & Trimming Stations, Patented Components, Produces Tightest Butt Joints in the Industry.

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Unbeatable Throughput: nVision SYSTEM2 G3

nVision System2

TOP FEATURE: Offers Non-Stop Banding & Trimming Production on Parts up to 8-Feet, Has Wider Frame & Twin Articulated Vacuum Arms!

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