SNX nVision G2 contour bander

3 Stations, 2X the Output, 1 Great Curved Edgebander


Dual Arm Contour Bander with Three-Station Workflow

The SNX nVision G2 (rebranded SNX nVision System2 G3) curved edgebander is designed to take shaped part banding throughput to the next level. It's based on our ground-breaking original SNX nVision G1 machine, and comes with all the features and its patented technologies.

The SNX nVision G2 features an extended base frame to accommodate more area for banding and trimming at the same time. That means non-stop production. A foot pedal activated mid-point transfer station accepts the finished banded part, raises it from the vacuum pod and then lowers the part onto the trimming pod arm at the press of a foot pedal.

If you're looking to increase the number of shaped panels you band every shift, every day, the SNX nVision G2 contour bander is the logical choice.

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What's new?

All new controller:

  • Faster processor and a more accurate encoder for more consistent tight butt joints
  • 15” touchscreen monitor
  • Training & Maintenance videos on PC
  • Connect to the internet for service and updates
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Bar code capable (optional)

 Standard mechanical features and updates:

  • Tape height guide
  • Aluminum infeed guides
  • Solid shoe holder
  • Adjustable pod height spindle
  • Digital readouts
  • Laser upgrade
  • Pneumatic enclosure

What You Get

Machine with banding station, trimming station with one set of cutting tools, two articulated vacuum arms, edgeband coil stand, and two standard-size vacuum pod for banding station articulated arm.

Includes on-site installation and training, free phone support, operation manual, and one year limited warranty.

Machine Layout

System2 Machine Layout

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