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Experienced Woodworking Machinery Management

Craig Sexton and Mike Noelting

Craig Sexton, Co-Owner - Craig has over three decades of experience working inside major world-class woodworking machinery and CAD/CAM software providers. Along the way, he's helped customers across North America to best engineer their woodworking production technology into solutions that optimize the flow of material and information in their shops. Contact Craig

Mike Noelting, Co-Owner - Mike has over 20-years of experience in sales and applications consulting with a wide variety of materials and processes. He's helped hundreds of customers in companies of all sizes to find the optimal  solution to maximize production and with the best Return On Investment (R.O.I). Contact Mike

Lori Doll, Office Administrator and Parts Manager - Lori oversees customer communications, parts and service needs. She is also the point person for Xcel-Edge, edgebanding chemicals and glues. Contact Lori