Li'l Pucker® Hand-Held Scraper

One Heavy-Duty Li'l Pucker®

Li'l Pucker

We've tried every hand-held edgeband trimmer and scraper there is and ended up hating all of them. You, too? Sure, a paint scraper works if you don't mind the occasional (OK, constant) tape gouge here and there. Those little plastic numbers with a metal blade are hard to hold and they don't hold up, either.

So we decided to make our own: the SNX Li'l Pucker® Edgeband Final Scraping Puck. It's MACHINED from solid metal for the ultimate in durability. The blade and rollers are real INDUSTRIAL components for superior quality cuts. Oh, yeah, this Li'l Pucker® is tough and mean. If you need a precision final scrape knife on your banding, the Li'l Pucker® will leave your trimmed banding smooth and tab free.

SNX Li'l Pucker® Edgeband Final Scraping Puck

  • Solid metal construction for a precise, smooth cut
  • Works on straight or shaped parts
  • Ideal for T-slot banding, too!
  • Replaceable circular blade
  • Non-marring industrial roller bearings
  • Tough powder coat finish

Introducing Li'l Pucker Guy

Lil Pucker Guy

Li'l Pucker Guy appeared first at the AWFS 2017 show in Vegas. Copies of him appeared around town. Have a look at his adventures in the gallery - and keep your eyes peeled for him showing up in your town!