AES CNC FT Routers | Machining Centers

We are excited to introduce AES, our CNC Router partner. These European-designed and built high-end CNC Routers have proven themselves over decades. AES has invested heavily in parts, service, and showrooms in two facilities in Charlotte, NC. As an AES Dealer, SNX will sell, install, service, and support these CNC Routers throughout North America.  Compare the following:

AES Flexa Pro FT Series: The strongest sub $100,000.00 CNC on the market



AES Super Nova FT Series: Complete load/unload line for under $150,000.00

AES Extreme Ultra FT Series: Competitive high output CNC Router line

AES Raptor Ultra FT Series: The ULTIMATE CNC Router line

AES Vega Pro CNC Machining Center

AES Vega Ultra CNC Machining Center

 AES Vega Pro 5X - 5-axis CNC Machining Center