XCEL-EDGE XE2 Glue Separating Agent

1L Bottle - XCEL-EDGE XE2 Separating Agent Edgebanding Chemical

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MADE IN USA edgebanding chemical! Fast-acting agent prevents unwanted hot glue adhesion from laminated panels. Spray it on the tops and bottoms of laminated panel surfaces to reduce glue adhesion from panel surfaces.  Very useful and is compatible with most hot glue spray systems. Dries quickly and cleanly.

For best application, spray XE2 on a lint-free cloth first then wipe by hand. May also be used with edgebanding machinery spray systems, please test flow rates to match your production speeds and material types.

OPTIONAL SPRAYHEAD AVAILABLE. Chemical delivered with regular cap.

Perfect chemical product for all SNX nVision Contour Edgebanders: EXCEL-EDGE Chemicals Info