#1 QUESTION; What is the tightest INSIDE radius you can band with an nVision contour bander?

ANSWER: Tight radii (less than feed roller diameters) is possible, but it depends on a few easy adjustments.

With your SNX nVision G3 Bander:

  • Use the correct glue – with thin PVC banding you need to be using a low temperature EVA glue.  The bands shown here were done with Jowat – 282.20 at 125 degrees Celsius.
  • Use quality flexible edgebanding – having banding with less thickness variation from roll to roll and ensuring you’re using tape within its shelf life is critical.  The test depicted was done with Rehau edge banding.
  • The routed edge of your laminated panel needs to be cut perfectly square, no axis transition (witness) marks and it needs to be blown-out with dry shop air to eliminate any dust/particles.
  • The feed speed of the machines needs to be set at 4-5m/minute
  • Due to interference issues as the panel is guided through the machine, you’ll need to remove the top pressure wheel.
  • Make sure the pressure roller and guide shoes are free of glue.  We used XCEL-EDGE XE5 wipes to clean the machine prior to banding.
  • Process the part like any other, but with a slight hesitation in the inside corner.

Following the above, we can successfully achieve a ¼” inside radii! Such small radii may require practice with your operators. We recommend testing in advance of banding production parts.

Please follow us at the SNX company page for more on the nVision G3’s features and capabilities.

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