Non-filled glue creates a zero glue line panel. NO expensive hot air, or laser edgebanding required.

Xcel-Edge - XE195-220c is 100% non-filled clear EVA hot melt glue for straight-line and contour edgebanders. Advantages:

✅ Zero glue line

✅ Stronger bond – Exceeds pull tests of other glues
✅ Lighter weight – 25% more glue per bag
✅ Wider temperature range – Winter is coming; turn it up
✅ Thinner glue spread – More linear footage per volume of glue
✅ Available in 5-gallon resealable pail – No spilled broken contaminated bags
✅ Excellent for straight-line and contour banders – ONE glue for all banders.
✅ Where to buy - Xcel-Edge - XE195-220c 

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