7 Benefits of Edgeband Spray Chemicals, 1 Great Way to Save Money on Them

One of the more recent trends for straight-line edgebanders is the introduction of cleaning, anti-static and glue separating chemicals. These quick-drying liquid agents are introduced onto part panels by means of misting sprayers. Panels may be sprayed on top, bottom, or both sides as they travel through the various stations of an edge bander. The tremendous rise in edgeband chemical popularity stems from several production advantages:

  1. Better prepares panels for banding by pre-cleaning residues, dust or dirt from surfaces
  2. Creates temporary targeted surface barriers on panel tops and bottoms to help prevent glue adherence
  3. Removes static charges made by cutter and knife motion that attracts edgeband chips
  4.  Allows buffing wheels/copy shoes to perform better as edgeband chips are not present
  5. Increases tool life by reducing buildup on cutters and knives
  6. Extends buffing wheel life by cleaning and cooling the panel prior to buffing contact
  7. Decreases “clean-up” labor as the panels are much cleaner due to chemicals in the edgebander

SNX has been at the forefront of edgeband chemical spraying applications. We first started selling chemical agents over six years ago when availability was limited to extremely costly overseas formulas. After years of research and testing, SNX Technologies was pleased to have selected an American company to produce high-quality edgeband chemical alternatives for North American woodworkers: Xcel-Edge chemicals.

From single liters to 55-gallon drums, Xcel-Edge chemicals are extremely competitively priced and are stocked for fast delivery. Additionally, our spray system chemicals work with all major brands of edgebanding machines. Just another reason why Xcel-Edge is rapidly becoming the preferred brand industry-wide. Why not look at Xcel-Edge chemicals today?

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